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By Chloë Eve - February 20, 2014

I received these three products in the mail the other week, and I was so excited to try them. The only other Studio Gear products I have tried were the Holiday Palette (last seen here), and their CC Cream. I have to say that I haven't put these products down since I've started using them.

I was really excited to try the lash primer. I've never used one before, so I was excited to see how it would work. This one helps to thicken and condition lashes, which I thought was great since who wouldn't want long thick lashes?  It comes out as a slightly sticky white mascara formula. When applying, I make sure to coat all my lashes. It's kind of hard to tell where you applied in some places as there is no color. Once applied you have to wait approximately 30 seconds for it to dry before you apply your mascara over it. I really do think that this primer has contributed to my lashes looking extremely full and long lately. Every time I apply mascara, regardless of the kind, I feel as if I have false lashes on.

The Impactfull mascara has quickly become my new favorite! I love how thick the brush is, which makes it easy to apply. The brush grips lashes so you can apply it from root to tip on each lash creating a full effect. When used with the primer your lashes will definitely be looking a lot longer and thicker. 

The last product is the Invincible gel cream eye color. It can be used as a gel eyeliner and a gel shadow for smudging or creating a smokey eye. I personally have been using it as a gel eyeliner, and I was definitely impressed. When wearing mascara on my top lashes, I normally use a liquid or solid eyeliner that I apply by using a wet angled brush. This gel cream has a super buttery texture that surprisingly stays on all day. It's also easy to apply when using an angled eyeliner brush. The gel gives you more control over where you want your eyeliner to go, which is helpful when creating a winged eye effect. 

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