Salt Body Scrub

By Chloë Eve - June 16, 2015

I love to try new skin and body care products, so I was naturally excited to try out the Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub. The scent I have was "Ocean Breeze", which is fitting for the bright blue color and beachy scent.  This scrub is 100% pure and made with read Dead Sea salt. It is made with all natural ingredients and combines 21 essential minerals for proper skin function 

The scrub works by gently exfoliating dead skin cells for brighter and smoother skin. I like to use scrubs like this while in the shower. I'll take a small scoop of the product and massage it into my skin using a circular motion. I usually allow for the scrub to sit on my skin for a few minutes before washing off. After putting this on, I instantly noticed my skin feeling much softer.  Even after getting out of the shower and drying off, my skin still had a silky feel. You don't even need to moisturize after as it leaves skin smooth and hydrated. 

I really did enjoy using this product and it has now become part of my shower routine. This will definitely help achieve perfectly soft legs just in time for summer. It also works great as a foot scrub to keep feet soft even after wearing sandals all day. 

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own

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