#4 Donatella Versace Undersea Story

By Chloë Eve - September 30, 2011

Donatella Versace Spring 2012 collection was filled with gorgeous dresses and suits. I loved how she had starfish and seahorse images printed on the garments in gold studs. The gold studs are also a perfect complement to the pale pastel colors. This article from NYTimes by Cathy Horyn describes the collection perfectly. 

"A nice aqua glow bathed the stone walls of the Versace headquarters on Via Gesu, formerly the palazzo home of Gianni Versace. The runway was a white glassy streak and the first models — Lindsey, Nyasha, Abbey Lee — came out with bouncy curls and pure white outfits tipped in pale sea prints.
This was a Versace command performance, very far from the humdrum of Milan’s flapper girls and hot-rod prints. Donatella Versace seemed to have four ideas: the snappy suit with shorts, the mini gladiator dress with a constellation of gold studs, the mini goddess dress or suit with pleated panels and the many-hued goddess dress for big grown-up girls.
But that was a large enough porthole for Ms. Versace to tell her undersea story of mermaids, shells and starfish swimming against a stark white background, or perhaps pale green or a jolt of black. The makeup and hair were impeccable, the platform sandals in clear plastic. Ms. Versace made the studs and the delicate sea creatures seem more like tattoos than decoration, with everything light and sophisticated."  

1. Silhouette & Design
    • snappy suit
    • gladiator dress
    • goddess dress
    • platform sandals

2. Details
    • bouncy curls
    • pleated panels

3. Color
    • aqua glow
    • white glassy streak
    • pale sea prints

4. Fabric
    • clear plastic
    • hot rod prints

5. Creative "Jargon"
    • flapper girls
    • undersea story

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  1. I really enjoyed reading the review on this show. I think Versace's under sea theme is absolutely gorgeous! The clothes are light and elegant, but also have great detail. I look forward to seeing what Versace will come up with next!

  2. Great choice, Chloe! Not only Donatella’s creations are beautiful to look at, It is also such a pleasure to read C.Horyn’s sparkling review of new collection. Her exciting selection of words flows into easy reading.
    She starts with describing Donatella’s show as “command performance very far from the humdrum of Milan’s flapper girls and hot-rod prints”. To me it says: “Hey, you’ll be missing out if don’t continue reading my post, because it ‘s not like everyone else’s”.
    When she gets into describing Donatella’s collection, she doesn’t just say “suit with shorts” and “mini dress with gold studs”, instead she says: “snappy suit with shorts” and “mini gladiator dress with a constellation of gold studs” or “many-hued goddess dress for big grown-up girls”.
    Her selection of right words is always at the right time and at the right place.

  3. I agree with the other comments, this was a very well-written article! Horyn set the scene of the presentation and theme, then broke down the four main ideas, then followed it with theme and color details. This makes it a concise, easy read while still imparting the information of what was shown.