#3. Fall on the Streets

By Chloë Eve - September 26, 2011

Lace dresses have been worn all summer long, but now with the fall season approaching, lace dresses are still making a statement as a must have fall piece. Lace dresses are so easy to wear and do not require accessories as they are enough on their own. White and light colored lace dresses from summer don't need to be put away just because it's fall! By adding a few extra pieces such as a leather jacket and boots can take a summer lace dress and make it wearable for the colder weather. As you can see below even celebrities such as Pippa Middleton and Whitney Port have been spotted wearing this trend. 

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  1. Lace! So elegant, so sexy! I agree, with lace it easy to transition it to the next season.

  2. I agree with this report whole heartedly. I have soo many lace dresses in my closet. One just can not get enough!
    -Kelly Hodgson