#5. Electric Blue Fall Forecast

By Chloë Eve - October 13, 2011

When fall approaches we begin to put away our fun bright colored clothing for more dark neutral colors such as brown, black, and grey. Just because the weather is getting colder does not mean we have to stop wearing fun colors! Electric blue is a great color for fall 2012 and its different from the usual red, green, or orange colors we see in fall. Many celebrities have already starting bringing back this exciting color!


Here are some ways to add electric blue to any outfit...

Nail Polish: Butter London, Blagger - $14
Jacket: Rag & Bone, Jacket - $595

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  1. I am in love with this Electric Blue color for the Fall. It's so different and the tone will compliment an outfit so well. People think that for the Fall you have to wear such dim and faint colors, but this idea is impressive. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I love electric blue, because this it is beautiful on blonds, redheads and brunettes. Electric blue was “hot” in apparel and accessories last winter, it’s ”hot” this winter and it will be back on next winter.
    I just don’t understand why it has such a terrible sell-thru! I have to make a note based solely on my retail experience that this shade of blue has always been difficult to sell, regardless of what trendsetters said.
    Is there some sort of stigma of wearing electric blue in “real life”, because there is certainly no electrical shortage on the runway ☺

  3. Gorgeous! Its such a rich shade, I love jewel tones in fall. Betsey Johnson pulls it off perfectly!


  4. I love that not only did you show the color palette but you added items of those colors, where to buy them and for how much. Love it!!

  5. I feel so nice to see blue all over the place!! its actually my favorite color! I like the way you brought together a whole set of merchandise with complimenting colors..!