Studio Gear CC Cream

By Chloë Eve - April 01, 2014

I've known about Studio Gear products for a while now, although I haven't tried them until recently. The products that I have used {last seen here and here} have all been great! The Studio Gear CC Cream is another great product! I received a sample size of this product a few months ago. I was so happy to finally get the full size. CC Cream stands for "color correcting". CC Creams have become more popular recently, along with BB Creams.  I don't normally wear foundation, but rather prefer to wear a tinted moisturizer, BB, or CC Cream. They let you feel like you are not wearing any makeup. This CC Cream is perfect for wearing as a base layer for your foundation acting as a primer. It can also be worn on its own, which is how I wear it.  

The Studio Gear CC Cream has so many great benefits, including preventing fine lines and wrinkles, promote moisture retention, and brightening and illuminating skin. The formula is really smooth and creamy with a non-oily finish, which I really like. It comes in three different shades: linen, natural, and wheat. I went with the natural shade, which is slightly darker than my natural skin tone. I like this shade because it gives me some color like a tinted moisturizer. It would also be perfect in the summer with a tan. The unique thing about this product is that the formula was created using micro-encapsulated pigments that allows for the color to adapt to your own skin tone for a more natural looking coverage. It comes out in a white color, but once applied to your skin using your hands or a brush {I use this one}, it creates a color perfect for your skin. I would definitely recommend Studio Gear to anyone who is looking for a CC Cream. This is one of those products that I will keep coming back to and will be using for a long time. 

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This was a sponsored post but all opinions are my own!

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