Cozy And Cute Winter Nights With Adore Me

By Chloë Eve - December 20, 2015

Winter is officially here, and Christmas is only a day away! So, I thought I would share how I stay warm and comfy on cold winter nights. 

One of my favorite things to do on a cold winter night is to cuddle up with my dogs on the couch or in my bed and watch some shows and movies on Netflix. Making popcorn or cookies and watching a movie is always my go to for a cold night at home.  

The first thing I usually do when I get home is put on some sweats and socks, or slippers. My favorite socks are ones that fit over my knee. I love how they keep your legs warm, but still allow you to look chic and feel good. They are perfect to wear with an oversized nightshirt or flannel.  Free People has the best thigh high socks. 

Making a warm drink like a tea or hot chocolate always gets me into a cozy mood. Its a great way to relax from your day and warm up from being outside in the cold. I also love to light candles around my home. The scent and soft lighting they provide instantly creates a homey vibe.  

Lastly, wearing pretty lingerie and pajamas always makes me feel better. I enjoy wearing something that is both fashionable and functional. Doing so will lift your winter weather spirits. 

I was recently introduced to Adore Me, which is an e-commerce website that sells beautiful lingerie and pajama sets at affordable prices. Once you sign up and take the style quiz, you will have a showroom of personalized products just for you! They offer high quality and stylish products that are designed for everyone.

Below are a few of my favorite lingerie and sleepwear products. 

Bras & Panties

Adore Me bras & panties sets


Adore Me sleepwear

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