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By Chloë Eve - June 22, 2016

Do you ever find yourself filling up your closet more quickly during season changes? For me, whenever the weather changes I always find myself shopping for new trendy items that I can wear all season long. Because of my shopping habits, I find it difficult to make room in my closet for my new things. I was recently introduced to MakeSpace which is an on-demand strange service that will completely change storing your things! MakeSpace will pick up, store, and deliver your things whenever you want. Check out to see where they are located or coming to a city near you here!

 One thing that I found really cool about MakeSpace is that they offer an online photo inventory of what's in your storage. You can manage all your things, add photos, and get you things back with just a few clicks online or though an app on your phone. 

Now that we have made some room in our closets with the help of MakeSpace, we can shop to fill them back up again with this summer's essential items! Below are a few of my favorite summer trends that I will be rocking all season long. 

Cold Shoulder Tops
*pictures via Pinterest

Off The Shoulder Tops

With the weather warmer, its the perfect time to show off a bit more skin with these off the shoulder tops. I love how feminine and beachy these tops feel. This is my go to piece on super hot days.

Click the images below to shop the tops!

Chocker Necklaces
*pictures via pinterest

Choker Necklace

I'm currently loving this 90's inspired trend! Adding a choker to any outfit instantly creates an edgy unique look that is perfect to pair with summer tee's and tanks. Velvet, vegan leather, or even metal chokers are the perfect summer trend to try out.

Click images blow to shop the ones I featured above as well as other choker necklaces I'm also loving. 

White Dresses
*Pictures via Pinterest

White Dresses

I love dresses, and white dresses are probably my favorite. A bright white color is so beautiful against tanned skin and feel so effortlessly chic during the summer months. Special details such as lace, fringe, belle sleeves, scalloped hem, and a lace up neck all make each dress feel so special.

Click images blow to shop the ones above as well as some other white dresses perfect for summer.

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