Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sandals That Pop

1. Rebecca Taylor - $225
2. Stella McCartney - $410
3. Joe's - $90
4. Dolce Vita - $68
5. Phillip Lim - $375
6. Fossil - $69
7. Nine West - $49

Spring is finally here! I have definitely been crazy for spring sandals that stand out with color. These gorgeous colored sandals will make all your hot spring and summer days bright and cheerful. Pair these with a simple white dress, or mix and match with other complimenting colors for a great color block look. I really love hot pink, turquoise, and orange on my sandals. What are your favorite sandal colors? 


  1. Such great picks!! I love a bright sandal!

  2. I love them all!! :)

    you have great taste :)

    I would buy all of them.. I love flat sandals for spring and summer :)



  3. Im in love with number 8, they are fantastic. :)


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