By Chloë Eve - May 09, 2012

I have naturally wavy hair, and I always put my hair in a braid at night for perfect waves the next day.  I love to wear braids, however, braids during the day they have always made me feel like a little girl in braided pigtails. I came across different hair braid inspirations on Pinterest that made me think that braids can be worn during the day without giving off a childish look. Braids give your hair an effortless and clean look with lots of texture. Here are a few sweet and elegant braided hair styles I adore. I am definitely going to have to try a few of these! What is your go to braided hair style?

{Images via: 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5 , 6}

Here is a really pretty and simple braid, from Lauren Conrad on

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  1. I love braids, but it works better with longer hair which I don't have lol. What I've been doing is braiding my side bang, perfect for wanting to grow out the hair. I love how it looks on me! Thanks for sharing :)

    XO Jojo

  2. i'm going to try braiding my hair <3 thanks for the inspirations!

    Pudding Monster