By Chloë Eve - May 04, 2012

{Images via FashionSnoops}

This has been an extremely long week for me. Finishing up final projects, writing papers, and long work hours = no time for posts! I am definitely in need for some inspiration and confetti is the perfect way! Confetti screams excitement, happiness, a good time, and all things I am excited for as the semester ends, and summer approaches. I love all things sparkly (who doesn't?) and these items were just the pick me up I needed. From a simple accessory, to a full on sparkly dress, its so easy to wear. Try adding some sparkle to your day with headbands, nail polish, shoes, and even a cute shirt. How are you wearing sparkles? 

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  1. Really love this sparkly post!!! xx


  2. Thanks dear! I love this post :)
    I'm following you on GFC and Bloglovin too!


  3. Amazing blog! I follow you:) invite to me and I hope you follow back:)