Boho Expedition

By Chloë Eve - July 06, 2012

{All images via Fashion Snoops}



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{Emilio Pucci}

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{Anna Sui}

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been out of power this past week due to a crazy storm.  Last week while browsing through Fashion Snoops, I came across different bohemian looks that were calling my name. I adore girly flowing silhouettes, gypsy skirts, and maxi dresses that are not only perfect for the hot weather, but are great for creating a bohemian aura. One thing I love about a boho vibe is the natural feel with fabrics such as crinkle linen, suede, and chiffon. Openwork and mesh knits also add an edgy and raw feel to any boho look. Create a simple laid-back outfit with bold florals, paisley prints and other ethnic inspired patterns. Keep colors neutral with sand tones and beached pink.  For an extra touch, wear your hair in loose waves with a side braid, or some colorful flowers. 

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  1. This post was so inspiring! I like your blog so much! :)

    From Finland, with <3,