Denim Vest

By Chloë Eve - July 17, 2012

Recently, I've been finding myself wearing my jean vest all the time. Denim vests are a stylish add on item for summer. With its light weight feel and relaxed look, this is an item that should be in everyone's closet this season.  It's a simple way to add an edgy feel to a girly look. I love to pair mine with a maxi dress, mini skirt, basic tee, or colored jeans and pants. There are so many different styles with fun pockets, cute buttons, zippers, light and dark washes and fringe. Below are a few vests that are perfect for summer, but can also be transitioned easily for fall. 

3. J.Crew

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  1. We are OBSESSED with summer vests - great post!! Just started following you, would love for you to check us out and follow us back :)

    xo, April & Brittan

  2. I always wanted a denim vest, thanks for the wonderful inspiration :)
    xx Karen

  3. I seriously been craving a denim vest. I still haven't found one yet. Love your selections esp the Jcrew and UO ones.