By Chloë Eve - May 25, 2013




Cutouts are a fun spring and summer time trend that has been seen in many apparel merchandise. I love how it creates a feminine feel with an edgy or sexy appearance based on the type of cutouts and placement of them. Cutouts are a really fun way to show some extra skin in the warmer months while still looking sophisticated. They create a uniqueness to your outfit with open backs, side slits, or even small front cutouts. One great thing about them is that they can be found in so many different types of products and not just apparel. Here are just a few options for tops, dresses, and even shoe cutouts. Although, you can find so many more types of merchandise with cutouts such as leggings, handbags, sweatshirts, etc, just always make sure your cutouts don't show too much skin and you can't go wrong!

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