Favorite Winter Nail Polishes

By Chloë Eve - December 13, 2014

OPI "houston we have a purple", Essie "beyond cozy", American Apparel "neon blue", Butter London "la moss", Sinful Colors "leap frog"

With winter right around the corner, I was inspired to share some of my favorite nail polish colors for the upcoming season. As you can see above, these are the five shades that I will definitely be rotating between during the cold winter months. 

This pinkish red is bold but definitely a versatile color. Fuchsia is one of those colors that just looks flattering on every skin tone. The color gives a bright, vivid, intense, and feminine look all at once. 

 I have a bunch of glitter polishes that are translucent and work well over another color, but I love that this one can be worn on its own, as it's pretty opaque. The silver glitter is festive and works as a neutral shade. For a bigger statement I will wear it on every nail but for a more subtle effect I will put it on my ring finger to add some sparkle with another color. 

This navy shade is one of my favorite nail colors. Every time I wear this color I always get tons of compliments. It’s just the perfect flat shade of blue that is not too bright or dark and doesn't have shimmer.

Deep reds and browns have always been my go to during the winter months. One of my all time favorite colors is Essie Wicked, but I recently found another really nice similar color by Butter London. I love how warm and rich the color is. It's a great neutral because it works well with everything!  

olive green
I was extremely surprised at how flattering this green shade was on the nails. The picture above does not do the color justice, as it is such a pretty and chic olive color. When selecting a green shade, I would look for one more on the gray scale rather than a bright green. This shade is perfect to wear all through fall and winter for a modern, fresh look. 

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