Florida Beach Room Decor

By Chloë Eve - September 30, 2016

Nothing screams Florida to me more than sunshine, warm weather, palm trees, and beautiful beaches. It was always fun going to South Florida to visit my family when i was young, and one of my favorite destinations. When I was younger my mom, grandma, sister, and I would go and visit new home communities to look at all the model homes. I would always admire how beautifully they were decorated. I remember my sister and I would always have fun pretending which bedroom would be ours in each of the model homes. ;)

After viewing many different model homes over the years, I definitely noticed how much the Florida lifestyle inspires the home decor. Florida style is all about bright colors, beach decor, and floral decorations.  Applying characters of the coast to your home such as adding vibrant accent colors either on your home's exterior or interior will instantly put you in that Florida mindset. 

When creating a Florida beach inspired room I started by creating a color palette in order to draw inspraiton. I took a picture of a Florida beach below, and used that for a base for the colors that I would be using in the room I am decorating. The picture I picked has tons of different blues, tans, creams, and neutral colors which will be used as the main colors for my room. This gives me an idea of colors when it comes to shopping for decor and furniture pieces.

In order to create an illusion of living in Florida, I used a palette of natural colors for this living room space created above. Using geometric shapes, and textures with pops of colors helps lighten up the space and give it that Florida summery feel. I love the look of a crisp white room. To me it feels clean and calm, and is easy to accent using fun colors.  I added different shades of turquoise, aqua, and blues to recreate a serene ocean feel. Adding some bamboo and palm type plants in the room not only add more color, but also brings Florida's beautiful nature indoors. 

Keeping all the furniture neutral colors definitely makes the impression of a coastal room. The ocean style painting, starfish decor, and blue glass bottles were used to mimic the look of a beach house. I also love to use throw pillows for color and texture within a room. It brightens the natural based room and gives the room a cozy feeling.

Although fall is finally upon us, I hope my tips and decorating ideas for building your own Florida oasis help keep sunshine in your home year round. For some more inspiration check out Douglas Elliman's Florida's property page here

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