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By Chloë Eve - June 06, 2017

This hanging planter is one of my favorite decor pieces in my room. It has a special place in my heart as my grandmother made the macrame hanging for my mom when she was younger. This was a piece that my mom had hanging in her college dorm room and continue to hang in my childhood home. I've always loved this hanging planer and was so excited when my mom recently let me have it for my room. 

I've been seeing hanging planters pop up everywhere as a unique way to decorate a room. Its a nice alternative to only having plants in planters. I think it especially looks eye-catching in rooms with high ceilings. I love decorating a room with plants. It has a nice fresh feeling and brings in some color. 

Along with plants and planters, I like to decorate by adding boho elements with pillows, candles, and unique decor pieces. I love the rustic and earthy vibe it gives to a room. Below you can shop some decor pieces to complete your summer boho room. I'm really loving the ombre hanging planters. Might need to add those to my room as well! ;)

If you're looking to redecorate a room for summer, Havenly is a great source that has tons of information to help create your dream room. Sometime working with a professional designer who can help you visualize and inspire you in the decorating process can be really helpful. Havenly allows you to search designers and pick your own interior designer who you fell matches your personal style and will collaborate with you to make your space exactly how you want it to be. You can find out more information on the designers available here. 

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