Hiking and Fishtail Braids

By Chloë Eve - October 23, 2016

Outfit Details:

Hiking has overtime become one of my favorite activities. It's especially my favorite during the fall. Nothing beats an afternoon of walking through the woods with all the colorful trees. Plus add in the extra exercise your getting and your golden!

These pictures were taken back in September when the leaves had just started changing colors. However, I'm sure now the leaves would have been much more beautiful. The weather was this perfect combination of warm sunshine, but chilly enough to get away with wearing a light sweater. This is one of my favorite Free People sweaters with its uneven hemline, and open back knot detail. I find it to be super feminine and fun to wear with different types of bra's underneath. It's fun to layer with bralettes that have lacy, multiple straps, and cut out details. The bralette I'm wearing is also by Free People and has a high neckline in the front and cut out pattern on the front and the back. 

I put my hair into double fishtail braids around the crown of my head, and combined them into one long fishtail braid down my back. I then decided to add another smaller fishtail braid down one side of my hair for an extra braided detail. This helped keep my hair out of my face during my hike, but also provided as a cute hairstyle for the rest of the day. 


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