DIY Decorative Pumpkins

By Chloë Eve - October 06, 2014

Here is an easy DIY to create mini decorative pumpkins. This can also be done 
with larger ones. I just decided to use two mini ones. 

What you will need:
- mini pumpkins
- gold spray paint
- masking tape
- paint brush
- gold paint
-gold studs
-black glitter (optional)

Fist tape off the top half of both pumpkins

Use the spray paint to cover one of the pumpkins making sure to only paint the top half. 
You may need to use a few coats of this in order to achieve desired color.

Use the gold paint to paint the top of the other pumpkin for a softer look. 
Paint a few coats until you are happy with the color waiting a couple of minutes between
 for each layer to dry. I only did 2 coats to leave it sightly transparent so you can still 
see the orange of the pumpkin. 

I decided to add some glitter to this pumpkin since the paint was sheer. 
Before the last layer of paint dries sprinkle the glitter on top. I kept most of the 
glitter towards the center of the top. 


Shake off any excess glitter, and let the rest of the paint dry. 

Once it was dry, I then used some hairspray to set the glitter so it wouldn't come off.

When both pumpkins have fully dried, take your studs and gently push them into the 
pumpkin wherever you want. I placed them around the pumpkin along the paint line.  

This is such a simple affordable DIY that any one can do. I picked up these mini pumpkins for $1 each!   I love to use pumpkins as decoration during the fall and these mini ones were the perfect size. I placed mine on my coffee table with some other fall decorations. 

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