DIY Studded Wallet

By Chloë Eve - July 18, 2014

To do this super easy DIY all you will need is a simple wallet and some studs that can be purchased at any 
crafts store.  

First place the studs on the wallet in your desired pattern to figure out how many you will need. I decided to
 create an alternating pattern using larger and smaller studs along the top edge of the wallet.

Next use a white colored pencil or as I used above, an eyeliner to create a mark where you placed the studs 
before you remove them. 

Carefully push the studs through the wallet over the mark you made allowing the prongs to puncture though 
to the other side. 

Use any solid object or closed scissors as I did, to push down on the material around the prongs to make 
sure they are completely through to the other side. 

Push each of the prongs down to secure the stud in place. Continue this until all studs are in place. 

This simple DIY adds a little something extra to the otherwise plain wallet. I love the combination of the 
larger textured studs with the smooth small ones. 

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