Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Home Bar

I've always been interested in interior design, possibly due to my mother's obsession. She owns a construction company where I was introduced to all things home at an early age. Home decor, like fashion, provides for an endless amount of creativity based upon all types of styles. I love decor to be minimal, sleek, modern, and slightly unique. I was recently introduced to a site called Chairish that allows for people to buy and sell used home decor and furniture. After browsing through the site, I was surprised to see some current and contemporary furniture along with vintage one of a kind pieces. 

Above is an inspiration I created for an at home bar that was based around these vintage wooden bar stools. I like neutral based colors in light whites and grays. To avoid it from being to bland, I like to add a pop of color to brighten and warm up the room. In this I kept everything on a similar color palette, but added bright pink in the ottoman as well as in the wall art. I also used gold tones in the bar cart and the mirror that complement the wood in the bar stools. The decorative pillows add texture and print to the light solid couch. All these pieces work well together to create a modern and stylish room that completely represent my personality. If I had enough room in my apartment for a bar area this is an idea of what it would look like. 

Here are some other finds from Charish that I'm also loving. Charish has something for everyone. So no matter what your style is, you are sure to find something that will work for you and your space!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Slip Dress

 Dress Free People, Slip Free People, Cardigan Renee C, Sunglasses Marc Jacobs, Bag Michael Kors, Sandals Pierre Dumas, Initial Necklace Nashelle

My summer uniform usually consists of easy throw on dresses, and this Free People lace dress is one of my favorites. I'm always drawn to pieces that are flowy and comfortable. I can't get enough of Free People with all their bohemian, lose fitting, and lace pieces. This dress was definitely a great buy as its so versatile. I kept this outfit pretty simple and threw on an open knit cardigan, sandals and gold accessories. I've also paired it before with a denim jacket and ankle booties, and can't wait to wear it in the fall with tights and a chunky knit scarf. Although it's a basic dress, the lace and ruffles create texture and detailing which makes it very girly and chic. I think I might need to buy it in more colors!

Monday, July 28, 2014

At Home Pedicure

With summer here, I can usually be found wearing cute sandals, which means that my toes 
must be perfectly polished at all times! Going to the salon or spa to get a pedicure is such a 
nice relaxing luxury, but it can also be pricey. Doing it yourself at home will not only save you 
money, but will give you the ability to change your polish color whenever you like. I'm slightly 
addicted to nail polish and find myself constantly changing my polish color. Because of this, I 
find it so much easier to do a home pedicure. Since I'm always doing at home pedicures, I was excited when Julep contacted me and asked to join them in sharing my DIY home summer pedicure. 

Here are the steps I take to get perfectly polished toes...

 Remove any previous nail polish to make sure your nails are clean.

File your nails so they are even and not too long. Then use cuticle 
tools to push back and cut cuticles for a clean surface.

 Use a foot bath and fill it with hot water. If you don't have one of these you
 can use the bathtub or any container that will fit both your feet. I use a foot bath with a 
heat setting to keep the water hot. It also has a massage setting, which is very nice. 

Put some epsom salt and Vitamin E oil into the foot bath. Both 
of these are helpful for soothing, moisturizing, and keeping your feet soft. 
Soak your feet in this for about ten minutes.

 After soaking your feet for 10 minutes or so, take out the brushes to scrub them. I have 
been using this one from Bath and Body Works. I really like the slight cooling 
and tingling feeling it has. It also really works to exfoliate and soften my feet. 

 Make sure all the scrub has come off in the water. Then
completely dry your feet before you begin to paint. 

These are the three polishes I will be using today for my pedicure. Always start with a base
 coat. I've recently been using the nail foundation by Butter London. I like how quick and 
matte it dries. Using a base coat definitely helps create a longer lasting pedicure as well as 
a smooth surface before applying the color. When the base coat has completely dried (about a 
1-2 minutes) apply two coats of color. This one by Essie is called cute as a button. I 
love bright colors in the summer. This one is the perfect pink. After two coats of the color,
use a top coat. I have used many Sally Hansen top coats. I love them all. They really help 
the polish last longer, are quick to dry, and they leave nails bright and shiny. For this pedicure
 I decided to use the Insta-Dri top coat since I was looking for a quicker dry time. This one only 
takes about a few minutes to dry and leaves your nail polish solid to prevent any dents that can
 happen when the polish is still drying and soft. 

This is my quick and easy home pedicure that will leave your feet sandal ready! 

I highly recommend checking out some of Julpe's new colors. A few of my favorites 
are GoldieHarrietJeanne, and Marjorie

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Off The Shoulder

Top Sheinside, Jeans J Brand, Shoes Pierre Dumas, Watch Michael Kors, Earrings Liala Rowe (old), Wallet South Moon Under / DIY

Something about off the shoulder tops feels so summery and chic. I love this one with lace which adds a nice detail to the top. I paired this top for a casual day with some dark high-waisted J Brand jeans, sandals, and gold accessories. This is such an easy look to create with a few simple pieces. I like that it appears as if it took more effort than it did. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

DIY Studded Wallet

To do this super easy DIY all you will need is a simple wallet and some studs that can be purchased at any 
crafts store.  

First place the studs on the wallet in your desired pattern to figure out how many you will need. I decided to
 create an alternating pattern using larger and smaller studs along the top edge of the wallet.

Next use a white colored pencil or as I used above, an eyeliner to create a mark where you placed the studs 
before you remove them. 

Carefully push the studs through the wallet over the mark you made allowing the prongs to puncture though 
to the other side. 

Use any solid object or closed scissors as I did, to push down on the material around the prongs to make 
sure they are completely through to the other side. 

Push each of the prongs down to secure the stud in place. Continue this until all studs are in place. 

This simple DIY adds a little something extra to the otherwise plain wallet. I love the combination of the 
larger textured studs with the smooth small ones. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Crochet Denim Shorts

I just received these Toby Heart Ginger shorts in the mail the other day and screamed with excitement. When I saw the unique crochet detailing on the sides, I  just knew that I had to have them. These high-waisted shorts have a distressed cut-off denim look that I love. Although they are high waisted, I like that they are still long enough in the back to completely cover your butt. I paired these shorts with a simple crop top from Nordstrom. This is one of those must have basic tops. I picked it up in a couple of colors since they are only $12! This is just one of these basic outfits that is cute but super easy to wear everyday. I love the combination of the high wasited shorts and crop top for a summer beach look.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Caviar Nails

 I love to try new nail polishes and when I came across the Ciaté Caviar Manicure Set, I knew I needed to try it. The caviar pearls are a nice twist to a classic manicure. They add a fun unique texture to your nails by making them really stand out. I just selected to coat my ring finger with the pearls but there are so many ways to create nail art with these. 

The set I purchased contains:
Paint pot nail polish
Caviar pearls

1. Apply one coat of the Caviar Paint Pot
2. Apply a second coat of the paint pot to nails.
3. Quickly hold nails over tray and coat wet nails with the pearl beads. Gently press pearls into the nail to secure beads. 
4. Apply a top coat to nails to seal the manicure
5. Allow nails to fully dry about 15 to 20 minutes  

*when done use the funnel to put back left over pearls from the tray.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

White Skinny Jeans

Just a little snapshot of my outfit the other day. I purchased these white Hudson jeans a few weeks ago and have been wearing them non-stop. They have been my go to item for summer, especially at night. Finding the perfect white jean can be hard, but these Hudson's are definitely one of the best pairs I have found. One main concern with white jeans are them being see-through, but these have a nice thick and soft fabric that prevents this from happening. They also have a white button as well as fake front pockets which allows for the jeans to lay flat. Normally with Hudson's I would go down a size as they typically tend to stretch out with wear, however, with these I felt that I was able to purchase them true to size without any problems. I also recently purchased this Free People tank a few days ago. I love how it flows at the bottom with an uneven hemline. The lace trim is also adds pretty detailing to the simple tank. Tops like this are so easy to wear since they can be worn with so many different bottoms such as jeans or shorts. You can also nicely layer necklaces over it.